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we help the nonprofit sector increase their funding

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some nonprofits who
have partnered with equip

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Christen Ones 
founder of Envision Academy

Equip has helped me so much. I am the director of a nonprofit that is just getting started. Their fundraising coaching has taught me how to search for donors and grants that fit our area of service. They are always enthusiastic and encouraging. This team has a lot of expertise and is willing and available to answer my questions. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn more about how to raise money better.

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Savheena Dotzler
founder of Leonas Dance Company

I started my organization about 5 years ago and started getting coached with Equip. Before I started meeting with the Equip team, I had inconsistent clients, little knowledge about marketing, and no foundation to build my organization. Since then, they have helped me with marketing strategies that have grown from 30 students to 125 consistent clients. I have built a foundation for my organization that has made my studio financially sustainable and have grown to capacity with one dance studio. I am now building out a second dance studio to continue the growth of my mission!

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Tia Brandt 
Board President for Brandt House

“The Equip Team really digs in and becomes a part of our team in order to get to the heart of our mission. He has helped us define our organization both as it is today and where we are going. I love the concrete steps he’s giving us.”

Meet our CEO 

Joey has spent the majority of his life working in the nonprofit arena. He started out working in one of the largest nonprofits in Omaha Nebraska (Open Door Mission), to leading the development department at another large nonprofit, Abide Omaha. He has been a part of funding million dollar capital projects, and has overseen a 5 million dollar development budget. Joey has expert experience in ...

  • All things Fundraising

  • Partnerships & Sponsorships

  • Marketing Processes

  • Brand Building - Web Design

  • Graphic Design Grant writing


"My dream is to see a global network supporting, training, and coaching nonprofits to success. There's no better investment than into leaders who change the world daily."

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