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Raise Big Money as a Team

Most smaller nonprofits need to grow their funding ASAP. But for this to happen you will need to have your board 

and team all chasing one model that actually works. With the Thrive Bootcamp, we will work directly with your board/team and build

with you a fundraising model that will 10X your current income.

How does a Thrive Bootcamp work? 

Coworking Space


We are committed as a team to get in the weeds with you through the whole process. Though the curriculum is turn-key, we are flexible to bring results.

Working Together


Thrive Bootcamps meet for 12 sessions per year at a monthly rhythm. This gives you time to apply the discussions.

Business Plan


The Thrive model is designed to give you maximum, practical to dos to build a model that will sustain. 

Our Big Donor Model

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