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4 Steps to Increase your Monthly Giving by at least $60k/yr

Despite the benefits of having a strong base of monthly donors, most nonprofits struggle to attract and retain these crucial supporters. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to convert your donors to become monthly and increase it by 100 @ $50/Month

Step #1: You Need a VISIBLE Monthly Giving Brand

One of the most common reasons why a nonprofit may not be getting monthly givers is that people are simply not aware of the organization's monthly giving brand or program. Without effective marketing and outreach efforts, potential donors may never learn about the nonprofit's monthly giving program. A lack of visibility can be especially problematic for smaller nonprofits that do not have large marketing budgets or staff dedicated to outreach. The monthly giving opportunities, packaging, and community to join must be front and center on your website, and front and center in your content.

When I visit nonprofit websites I click the donate button, and it typically goes to a PayPal link or something. There’s no brand or program to what I can give to - it's just "GIVE". That's not a brand, and it's hardly a strategy.

I always want to ask if I'm developing someone's monthly giving for them "If I was the one going to this website, would I know how I can monthly donate?" Here are some questions people ask.

  • Who can I give to?

  • How often?

  • Who does it help?

  • How do I know it got to them?

  • How can I stop it?


Your monthly BRAND is critical to building a monthly PROGRAM.

Here are some strong monthly programs. It's important to remember that sponsoring a child is only one model, though popular. The three typical monthly brands include,

  • Sponsoring a _________

  • A Club to Join

  • A Challenge take on

These examples are on the front page of their website & these organizations do millions in monthly donations.

Step #2: Your Website Must Breakdown Mental Barriers

Nonprofits have to let their website guide people to breakdown some of the hesitations they have about giving to your organization. When they come to your website they have alot of questions, and we have to guide them to success. When I visit many websites, there are a lot of questions that remain unanswered for potential donors.

Here are some questions people ask if they are wanting to give to you...

  • Does my money go directly to the sponsored kid, well, program, etc?

  • Can I end my subscription, and if so, how can I do it?

  • Has this organization made any differerce?

  • Are you 501c3 Registered

  • Where do I get my tax receipt

Step #3: Build a REAL Community

To attract and retain monthly givers, nonprofits must actively engage with their supporters. This means providing regular updates on the organization's activities and progress, showing the impact of their donations, and thanking donors for their support. Nonprofits should also make an effort to personalize their communications with donors and create opportunities for supporters to connect with the organization's work. Your monthly givers are a community within themselves. It’s important to create community with them through engaging storytelling, newsletters, and handwritten notes.

Many nonprofits would say that their giving communications or emails are community, but they're not. If we're truly honest, I don't think our donors would say it feels like a community at all. We have to create genuine connection through follow up calls, thank you notes, swag, and emails.

Step #4: Treat them as if they gave you $1M

Monthly donors or small givers tend to get left by the wayside. Because of the amount, many nonprofits deem it not worth the time. But with a powerful system, better marketing, and real community, the multiplication efforts that this takes on will change the stabilization of your funding model. It will also create predictable results, and your fundraising will go to another level.

Treat them right, and your monthly program will rise to ANOTHER level.

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