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Why your donors may stop giving...

I know that feeling when you work so hard to have someone donate and support and over time we end up losing them in our mission.

It sucks.

This happens TO EVERYONE.

When you look at this list, remember to REVERSE engineer this within your donor process so your church rates lower! As you reverse engineer this, make the changes with your system.

Here are a few reasons people may step away from your mission....

  • Change in Priorities: Donors may shift their giving priorities to other causes or organizations that align more closely with their current values and interests.

  • Dissatisfaction with the Nonprofit: Donors may become dissatisfied with the nonprofit's performance, leadership, or use of funds, which may cause them to stop giving.

  • Financial Constraints: Donors may face financial constraints that prevent them from continuing to give at the same level or at all.

  • Lack of Trust: Donors may lose trust in a nonprofit due to scandals or negative news coverage, which can cause them to stop giving.

  • Donor Fatigue: Donors may simply become tired of giving and need a break.

  • Lack of Recognition: Donors may feel unappreciated or undervalued by a nonprofit, which can lead to them feeling less motivated to give.

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